Nufme: Home Appliances For Rent

Pay as low as RM200 per month to get brand new, high quality washing machines and fridges delivered to your home.
Free maintenance. Unlimited warranty. Cancel anytime.

Great for everyone but especially to..

Newly-wed couples starting life in a new home. Spend money on more important things or save them for emergency funds, investments, or baby things.

AirBNB hosts can provide more to renters without needing to spend large sum of money on home appliances.

Environment-conscious families who want to reduce the ever growing volume of e-waste in Malaysia. We ensure our old appliances to be recycled/refurbished for a better future.

We're better than a scam.

The PAIN of spending thousands on a washing machine that keeps breaking down.
The FRUSTRATION of still paying credit card interests for that fridge bought a year ago.
The AGONY for missing investment opportunities because family comes first and you need that new fridge.

We experienced ALL of this. HomeEasy are consumers as well.

Which is why we think this is the future of home appliances.

Four (actually, one) easy steps

What you need to do:
1 - Sign up to our mailing list. Nufme will review applicants based on priority and location.
What Nufme will do:
2 - Successful applicants will be contacted by Nufme team to confirm subscription and set up appointment.
3 - Nufme team will deliver the appliances to your home.
4 - Enjoy the new appliances!

Unparalled Benefits

- 360° Coverage

Nufme team handles everything from delivery to installation and maintenance of these appliances. Not satisfied? Cancel anytime! Machines broke down? Call us for support.

- Save For Better Things

Nufme substitutes the machines bi-yearly for the best consumer experience. Get better washing machines without spending more money! Better yet, save them for emergency funds, investments, or childcare.

- Environmentally Conscious

Newer machines will have better features, eco-friendly and more energy efficient.
We ensure that our old machines will be recycled or refurbished at e-waste centers.

You've made the right choice!

Nufme is currently in invite-only stage. Sign up to our mailing list to be in our alpha group and enjoy various offers when we launch to public!

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